Peek at My Week! Part I: The Solar System

I'm starting my first full week of school this week and decided that I will try to keep myself accountable by posting my weekly plans on my blog! People are always asking about what I do in my classroom, and it is well past time to really dive into the blogosphere. So, here goes! I am absolutely fascinated by the solar system and space. As a little boy, I always wanted to be an astronaut and always read books about space. Today as a teacher, it is one of my favorite units in fourth-grade science.

On Monday, I will have a hook of some sort to grab their attention (these are always spur of the moment and unplanned) and we will start with a Bill Nye video. Students will take notes in their science interactive notebooks. I'm glad that Bill Nye is still golden (& mostly relevant even today.) I do point out the changes in statistics and updates in the space world that have been made since the videos were published :)
On Tuesday, I will read The Magic School Bus: Lost in Space aloud. Fourth graders still LOVE to be read to. We will pause for discussions and add notes and drawings to our notebooks.

Wednesday, students will work in groups on my Space Crossword Puzzle and read other various solar system books from my classroom library.

Thursday, students will spend some time working independently or in groups with my differentiated reading passages for Cycles and Patterns in Space and Comparing Stars & Planets

On Fun Day Friday, I'll have some surprise and project for the class and we will start working through a Magic School Bus chapter book. It is Magic School Bus Space Explorers and the kids LOVE it each year.

So that's Part I of a Peek at My Week! It is now time for bed so that I can be at school early and be ready for an awesome day with the kids. I can tell based on our two days together last week that my class is OUT OF THIS WORLD! Check back Monday evening for a glimpse at what we'll do in social studies this week as I start our Native American unit and focus on the Inuit. 

Have a great week! -James