Presidents' Day Lessons, Videos, & Activities (29 days of free texts!)

US Presidents by Bow Tie Guy & Wife
Happy February! It's going to be a crazy busy month at school-there's parent conferences, Black History Month, Valentine's Day, snow days, and two presidential birthdays-Lincoln and Washington who give us the delight of celebrating Presidents' Day the third Monday in January (hopefully with a highly desirable Monday off!)
Presidents Day Lessons and Activities for Elementary Classrooms by Bow Tie Guy & Wife
This summer, we went crazy over the US presidents! We've always discussed our "Top 10" and why...but after days of research for these new passages, we tried to think about US History from a "presidential point of view", we realized the each person who has "lived" in the oval office has truly SEEN SOME THINGS and deserves to be discovered a little more. And while we live in a time when people are so divided and opinions are strong, we can all agree that the title is one to be respected and discussed with our students-not just good 'ole George & Abe.
President's Day free activities by Bow Tie Guy & Wife
So, this February, we're giving you the opportunity to do just that! Each day in February, we'll be featuring a president and giving away that passage set for FREE! That's right, we're giving you 29 of the president differentiated passages for you to use with your students. Each day, we'll post on social media about the president and then you can search the #btgpresident to download the free president passage of the day. The next day, that president will no longer be a free resource and there will be a new one! Each passage will include 3 levels of text, comprehension questions (multiple choice & short answer), and a writing prompt. You can use these in your guided reading groups, in small groups, as quick & easy sub plans, or even homework to connect with something you are teaching in your social studies class.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised how much history is woven into each text, while keeping a neutral stance on the biography of each president. I can't wait to see your feedback about what you and your students learn....and which president becomes your favorite in the process!
If you are still reading, I wanted to share with you a few videos about the presidents. Some are on YouTube and others were created by us! 
Presidents Day Lessons and Activities for Elementary Classrooms by Bow Tie Guy & Wife
1. This video by NUMBEROCK spends 4 and a half minutes going through the presidents names and the dates of service in a way that's not annoying and easy to understand! 
2. What is Presidents' Day? Exactly who or what are we celebrating? The reasons why it is a national holiday is discussed in this 6 minute video from Homeschool Pop. They also have an  informative video about the White House. Be sure to skip all the way to 2:28 and only play up to 7 minutes for this one. The entire nine minutes would be a lot of fluff and time for kids to get distracted.
3. I love that this video by Cool School is from a girl's perspective which I really appreciate. It is a bit lighter, includes ideas students will relate to, and talks about vetoing and much more! Of the first 4 videos, this one is my favorite.
4. We just HAD to create our own George Washington & Abraham Lincoln videos, ten minutes total "teaching time". They are two of our favorites and had to get some of the spotlight! 
Want more Presidents' Day activities, but plan to zone in on Washington and Lincoln? We've got you covered. To correlate with reading and writing standards, we have created Washington activities, Lincoln passages, a comprehension crossword, and even words of wisdom reading fluency task cards to give you an entire week's worth of meaningful integrated literacy plans and easy prep activities! You can also head on over to our TPT Store to check out the differentiated passage about The Office of President. 
Interested in adding some fresh #kidlit to your classroom library? Check out our post with over 20 BTG&W book recommendations! It will be all about presidents, first ladies, and life in the White House.