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  • Women's History Month: Empowering female readers to become leaders!

    Women's History is American History! If "the future is female", then it starts in our classrooms today. Specifically, our girls need to start learning about courageous, inspiring women from history from a young age! Our classroom libraries show what we care about.
  • The BEST books to teach about the President!

    We've been on the search for children's literature with the Presidential Seal of Approval. Kidding, not kidding! We *LOVE* children's books, Amazon, buying children's books on Amazon, and saving other teachers time by finding quality resources. Put all of that together and we decided to write a blog post sharing our favorite picture, nonfiction, and fiction books about the presidents! These are books we already owned from a decade of teaching or have purchased after being recommended somewhere along the way. 
  • Teaching The Thirteen Colonies: Ideas, Resources, Videos, & A Free Resource

    Your students should love hearing about the people of the colonies, their different roles, and how ways of life were different depending on the region in which they lived! If they aren't enjoying learning about the colonies, or your Colonial America unit is in need of some fresh ideas, look no further! I've gathered my favorite videos, children's books, and resources from the last decade of teaching to help!
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in the Elementary Classroom

    No need for the #sundayscaries this week because Monday is a national holiday! It is the day we honor the accomplishments of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. If you are like me, this holiday comes real fast-just as you are getting back into the routine of school and the kids are finally ready to work again after the break. We need to approach this day with care. It seems like our world could use a little more reminding of Martin's peaceful ideas right now and we want to be careful to actually teach the importance of freedom and rights, rather than allowing a teachable moment to pass us by. Respect and attention to this day can be given in age appropriate ways-while keeping on track with routines and standards as much as possible! 
  • What's My Favorite Children's Book?

    “Being true to one’s self,” in my opinion, encompasses one of life’s greatest principles.  Being unapologetically proud of who you are, in my pers...