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  • Teaching The Thirteen Colonies: Ideas, Resources, Videos, & A Free Resource

    Your students should love hearing about the people of the colonies, their different roles, and how ways of life were different depending on the region in which they lived! If they aren't enjoying learning about the colonies, or your Colonial America unit is in need of some fresh ideas, look no further! I've gathered my favorite videos, children's books, and resources from the last decade of teaching to help!
  • Music in the Classroom

    Our classrooms have extraordinarily, perfect diverse compositions – and every child learns in a different way – at their own pace.  Putting a smile on a kid’s face is half the battle sometimes in the marathon of a school day, and I have found that singing, smiling, beat-boxing, tapping, makes the learning process and life for that matter, a much more colorful, rewarding, and effectual experience.