Bow Tie Guy & Wife Blog

  • Why Leveled Texts?

    Teachers are busy, busy, busy. We are overwhelmed. We have trouble fitting everything in. When James & I taught third grade, we did not have enough time to cover the standards, meet our TKES (GA Teacher Evaluation System), and make our students our number one priority. After struggling with what to do, we realized that leveling texts was a way we could ensure we were meeting our students' needs....along with all the other teacher stuff. So, Bow Tie Guy was born and we began researching, writing, and differentiating passages. We were thrilled to see the success in our own classrooms. Our students loved ditching the outdated textbooks that were written way too high for many of them anyway. Our administrators were happy to be able to visually see our differentiation as part of our teacher evaluation. Enough about us. Let's talk about you!
  • Back to School and Social Studies - 2017 edition

    Back to school time is always a joy of mine. Excitement fills the air.  Nervousness plays peek-a-boo behind every smile. Meeting the teacher starts the beginning of a rewarding marathon that will inevitably change the lives of many.  I had the opportunity to be available for my students for a few hours and knew that this year was going to be special for a variety of reasons.  Teaching social studies in five blocks to one hundred and eight students was my assignment for the year.