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  • Why Leveled Texts?

    Teachers are busy, busy, busy. We are overwhelmed. We have trouble fitting everything in. When James & I taught third grade, we did not have enough time to cover the standards, meet our TKES (GA Teacher Evaluation System), and make our students our number one priority. After struggling with what to do, we realized that leveling texts was a way we could ensure we were meeting our students' needs....along with all the other teacher stuff. So, Bow Tie Guy was born and we began researching, writing, and differentiating passages. We were thrilled to see the success in our own classrooms. Our students loved ditching the outdated textbooks that were written way too high for many of them anyway. Our administrators were happy to be able to visually see our differentiation as part of our teacher evaluation. Enough about us. Let's talk about you!
  • Kid-Approved Columbus Day Videos & a FREEBIE!

    Are you in school on Columbus Day? Our students are out and it is a teacher in-service where we are! We will still be studying about Columbus because I teach fourth grade in Georgia and he happens to be one of our standards. How do you navigate Columbus Day? Do you think he should be celebrated? These teacher & kid-approved videos about Columbus, his life, voyages, and more will be great lead-ins for some great conversation, debate, and critical thinking! Enjoy!


  • Rethinking Homework: The Great Debate

    Bowtie Guy's Take
    What to do about homework?

    Before I begin, it is imperative that I mention that homework has always had a funny taste in my mouth – as a student and teacher, and it will eventually as a parent, I'm sure.

    Why do teachers give homework? When should teachers give homework? What is good homework material?

    I have never held a tried-and-true method concerning homework because I have developed an epiphany about it. Homework doesn’t work for everyone. It is homework – not parent work. This leads me to my point – why give homework?

    Is homework a necessary evil? I have long had parents fall into two clear categories concerning homework: a.) love it b.) hate it – very few fall into the apathetic category.
  • Peek at My Week! Part I: The Solar System

    I'm starting my first full week of school this week and decided that I will try to keep myself accountable by posting my weekly plans on my blog! People are always asking about what I do in my classroom, and it is well past time to really dive into the blogosphere. So, here goes! I am absolutely fascinated by the solar system and space. As a little boy, I always wanted to be an astronaut and always read books about space. Today as a teacher, it is one of my favorite units in fourth-grade science.
  • Who do you think you are? A Summer Reflection

    As I am ending my seventh professional summer in stride, I wanted to take a few minutes to reflect on some good, great, and OFF-DA-CHAIN moments from my teaching past.  I also want to reflect on some bad, stupid, and cray cray. 

    I always wanted to become the teacher I never had.  The typical “You make a difference because you are a GUY” assertions are shallow, lame, and not representative of me.  I don’t care if you are a flippin’ cardboard box, I’ve learned an eternal truth about education --> Be the most interesting thing in the room. Care about others.  Be the change you wish to see.