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  • Where I Come From: An Educational Bio

    Education requires the most fervent of servants to accomplish goliath expectations.  Teaching is not a job or a career to me. It is a lifestyle and it is what motivates me. Passion for what is done as educators is something that is ignited from a fuel that is manufactured in the labor of love that IS education. It is a passion that must be nurtured so that it does not waver because the classroom is a battlefield.
  • A Step Back In Time

    The Wax Museum was a fixture of the first six years of my professional career.  I played the role of observer, bystander, an active participant.  Like Junior Great Books and the utilization of the shared inquiry, the Wax Museum was an equal opportunity for all (even the academically disadvantaged) to shine.       
  • Kid-Approved Constitution Day Videos & a FREEBIE!

    September is here and one of the first holidays that most schools across the country celebrate is Friday, September 16, 2016. It is Constitution Day! Let's be honest. Besides a possible demonstration of the Constitution with creating a Classroom Constitution, there isn't a lot we can do to make something that happened so long ago relevant today. Students don't always understand it. But they should! Understanding our rights and freedoms is a responsibility that we have. So, I've done the hard work and teacher & kid-approved several videos to help you celebrate Constitution Day with your students!