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  • Youtube for the Classroom

    Technology (especially video) is changing at break-neck speeds that I cannot even keep up with.  I find myself keeping an eye on the app stores for the newest technology that I can use to engage my students.  Teachers are in such a weird place in history where the students know more than the teachers...well, at least in the arena of technology.  My perpetual goal is to not let that happen.  I am always open to anything new, but I'm going, to be honest, it's irresponsible not to be literate in technology and still teach students in the 21st century.  They deserve it. 
  • Customer Feedback Survey & A Chance to WIN!

    If you've purchased resources from us, you've got a chance at free $TPT Money$ by taking our survey! We are the kind of teachers who love constructive feedback on how to improve, so we're taking to the polls! Also, check your TPT INBOX for more product updates & new resources just released!