Help & FAQ

How do I access my resources?

All purchases made in the BTG&W Store are digital downloads, meaning you will not receive anything from us other than a link to download your purchase. After making your purchase you can use the link on the confirmation page. An email will also be sent to the address provided, be sure that your email address is entered correctly. The email received will contain a link to download your purchase. If you create an account you can also access all your purchases in “my Downloadable Files” within your account.

Can I share my new resources with my team or school?

No. Making a purchase in the BTG&W  Store is for 1 license and use in your classroom ONLY. Your purchases cannot be shared with anyone. Doing so not only violates the terms of use of your license but also violates copyright. Additional licenses can be purchased at a 50% discount. If additional licenses are needed, please email us at and we will happily accommodate you!

How do I use a discount/promo code?

Simply enter the code EXACTLY as it was written in the space provided at checkout. After entering the code, you will know if it is valid by seeing it applied and your new total. The total you see here is the total you will be charged.

Am I required to have an account to make a purchase?

Yes! You do need to create an account in order to have a record of all of your purchases. We know that this adds an extra step, but we want you to be able to access your downloads anytime right in your account and not have them scattered all over email-land!

My file will not download. What do I do?

We recommend trying your download from another browser first. We strongly suggest Google Chrome as your browser, as it is the most compatible with our download app. If you still have issues with your download, delete the previous attempt completely from your computer, including from your trash. Then clear your cookies and your cache. Finally re-download!

What is a zip file?

A Zip file is multiple files that are compressed into one folder. It allows us to upload and allows you to download multiple and/or larger files into one download. To “unzip” your file, simply double click or right click and choose “extract all.”

When can I use my discount code that I received for creating an account?

After you created an account with the BTG&W Store, you will receive a confirmation email. You will need to complete your activation by following the link in the email. Once you activate your account, you will receive another email with your discount code. You can use that code at anytime that you wish but it is good for only 1 purchase. You can purchase as many items as you wish but keep in mind, once you use the code, it cannot be used again.