Character Traits: Patience Differentiated Reading Passages
Character Traits: Patience Differentiated Reading Passages
Character Traits: Patience Differentiated Reading Passages
Character Traits: Patience Differentiated Reading Passages

Character Traits: Patience Differentiated Reading Passages

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I find myself spending so much time trying to teach manners, character traits, and other citizenship qualities so very often. As teachers, it is our job not only to teach students- but to help them become responsible and respectful citizens in our democracy. Instead of complaining about what “they aren’t being taught at home”, I want to encourage subtle ways for teachers to continue to implement character education in their classrooms on a daily basis. By no means am I saying that reading passages will turn children into model citizens, but it sure can’t hurt to let them read about the correct way to conduct themselves. It is my hope that these passages will be used in conjunction with other activities to help your students-our children-become the best possible people they can be! Instead of having the levels on the passages where

students can see the numbers, I have decided to put a shape to designate which level it is in the top right-hand corner. They are also included in the product in this order.

A circle designates low (J).
A triangle designates mid (L).
A square designates high (N).

$Why should I purchase this passage set?$

• Textbooks aren't what they used to be...if we have them at all. Often textbooks are written well above grade level and simply aren't interested. I use my love of history to make passages engaging and informative for all levels of readers!

• Teach across the curriculum! Show your administration how you integrate and differentiate by implementing during guided reading groups, center time, or in a regular social studies block

• Perfect for last-minute print & go sub plans, morning work, & homework

• In my own classroom, they are often used at the end of a unit for review, as study guides, and even test prep

• Have students with accommodations? Instantly assess them at THEIR LEVEL while meeting IEP goals!

How Does This Resource Make Me A Better Teacher?

• Your time is precious & the standards are plentiful
By integrating across content whenever possible, you save time and your students see connections across the curriculum!

• Differentiated Instruction is no longer optional-it is a must! There is no one-size-fits-all classroom. These passages are an easy way to check that off of your never-ending teacher to-do list! 

• Reach your entire class with the same quality content. Each student in your class deserves a fair chance at the content. Let their passion for science and social studies thrive, regardless of their reading ability. While passages appear very similar, I can assure you hours of researching and writing have occurred on my behalf to ensure that each level is appropriate for your learners.

Thanks for your support & Happy Teaching!-Bowtie Guy & Wife

© 2018 Bowtie Guy This purchase is for you and your classroom. Duplication for an entire school, an entire school system, or for commercial purposes is strictly forbidden. Please have other teachers purchase their own copy. If you are a school or district interested in purchasing several licenses, please contact me for a district-wide quote.