Inuit Reading Fluency and Comprehension Task Cards
Inuit Reading Fluency and Comprehension Task Cards
Inuit Reading Fluency and Comprehension Task Cards
Inuit Reading Fluency and Comprehension Task Cards

Inuit Reading Fluency and Comprehension Task Cards

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Inuit Reading Fluency and Comprehension Task Cards

Inuit Activities

Inuit Task Cards

This is a comprehensive look at the Inuit Native American tribe. This weeklong activity covers many of the concepts about the Inuit and their food, clothing, location, and shelter. I wanted to create something that would interest upper grades students while providing it at a level appropriate for their age.

Includes cards about the following topics:
✸Aurora Borealis
✸Capital Resources
✸Human Resources
✸Natural Resources
✸Inuit Family Traditions
✸Inuit Food Sources
✸Inuit Clothing
✸Inuit Shelter
✸Inuit Location 

There are twenty-four reading passage task cards specifically addressing the key concepts of the Inuit tribe. These cards are utilized in three different ways to promote fluency within nonfiction texts and to enhance comprehension skills. Students have a recording sheet to use to answer questions (3 questions per card for a total of 72), generate their own questions, summarize important ideas, and review. You could use the task cards for three days and have each student to do all three recording sheets OR this could be differentiated based on specific reading skills that students need to practice. Students could even work in partners or complete it individually as an assessment. The possibilities are endless as we "double dip" across content areas and strengthen upper grades reading skills! 
*Printer-friendly, no clipart distractions, perfect for B&W copies! (Also includes cards in a color version!)

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Thanks for your support & Happy Teaching!-Bowtie Guy & Wife

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