Sight Words Fluency and Word Work Bundle
Sight Words Fluency and Word Work Bundle
Sight Words Fluency and Word Work Bundle
Sight Words Fluency and Word Work Bundle

Sight Words Fluency and Word Work Bundle

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Sight Words Fluency NO PREP and Word Work


Tweet Resources and FirstGradeFunTimes have teamed up to bring you this exciting new NO PREP SIGHT WORD SERIES!

Sight words are fundamental building blocks to fluency in reading, but they can be the most difficult area of reading instruction because sight words so often defy the general rules of phonics. This is why we have created this package around the wonderful concept of combining word work with fluency. This package combines both word work and fluency, so your students will not only practice one new sight word at a time by reading the word in context, and they will also practice writing with the word. This cumulative package continues to review and repeat each previously taught sight word and continue to build upon them in a logical and consequential order.

How is this package unique to other TpT sight word packages? Unlike many sight word resources, this package has been designed by primary school teachers with more than 30 years of teaching experience. Each page within the package is cumulative, which means that new skills build upon previous skills. This bundle includes all of Fry's 100 sight words, and Dolch Pre-Primer, Primer and 1st Grade sight words.

 We have had this package tested in a Kindergarten classroom, and the teachers had this to say about Sight Word Fluency and Word Work:

"I am thrilled with the progress I have seen in my kindergarten students since we began using your Sight Word Fluency and Word Work pack! My students are very engaged as they read through each page. The repetition and practice have helped them retain new sight words. They are also becoming much more fluent as readers. I am seeing my students become very confident with these passages. They are always excited to bring them home to read to their families!" (Susan J~Kindergarten Teacher) 

By customer request, an entire version of this package has now been added with the alternative spelling of COLOUR is included.

The following Dolch and Fry list words are currently included in this growing bundle, in this order:

 SET #1

see, the, is, this, am, have, he, she, was, has, like, at, and, can, that, you, are, they, in, his, jump, here, we, to, blue, my, look, not, your, do, go, it, said, her, one, make, two, for, with, went

*** run and red have also been included (from the Dolch Pre-Primer sight word list), but are not numbered.

 SET #2

big, on, little, me, come, as, up, down, play, yellow, where, funny, help, three, find, of, will, from, away, had, black, what, want, be, there, good, or, your, saw, eat, ate, did, but, ran, all, get, ride, out, so, brown, must

 SET #3

who, an, him, four, came, too, soon, now, no, by, under, wanter, into, our, were, them, when, use more, these, if, say, would, some, yes, time, new, their, how, many, please, each, pretty, about, which, white, other, well, words, then

 Set #4:

ask, been, could, day, first, give, going, know, let, old, open, over, people, stop, take, thank, write, again, called, every, fly, its, just, live,

long, made, may, number, once, part, put, round, than, think, walk, way


UPDATE: This package also includes the following alternative fonts:

*D'Nealian style handwriting

*NSW Foundation Font

*Victorian Cursive Font

Thanks for your support & Happy Teaching!-Bowtie Guy & Wife

© 2018 Bowtie Guy This purchase is for you and your classroom. Duplication for an entire school, an entire school system, or for commercial purposes is strictly forbidden. Please have other teachers purchase their own copy. If you are a school or district interested in purchasing several licenses, please contact me for a district-wide quote.